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JEN JEWELL — Pro Fitness Model

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JEN JEWELL — Pro Fitness Model


Name: Jen Jewell
BodySpace: fitnessjewell
Age: 32
Weight: 116-118 pounds
Contest Weight: 112 pounds
Height: 5-foot-3
Occupation: Personal Trainer, Cellucor Athlete, fitness model and fitness writer
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing & Public Relations, California State University, Sacramento
Contest History:
WBFF U.S. Eastern Championships, 2011, Pro Card earned in Diva Fitness
WBFF World Championships, 2011, Pro Fitness division,6th place
WBFF World Championships, 2012, Pro Fitness division, 4th place
WBFF World Championships, 2013, Pro Fitness division, 2nd place

Athletic Background: I was a competitive gymnast and cheerleader. I reached National level competition but wound up sidelined with injuries, so I decided to pick up weight training.

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