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Упражнения с санями — Sled Exercises (Crossfit)

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Упражнения с санями — Sled Exercises (Crossfit)

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Whether you want to build incredible leg strength and power or work on your aerobic conditioning, you need to include sled training in your routine.

Sled training is a great way to increase your strength without having to learn any complicated form and there is very little risk of injury when using the sled.

You can push, pull or drag the sled to work your entire leg. You can take long strides or shorter strides. You can sprint or walk. You can even do frog hops while pushing the sled.

To Learn more about each sled Exercise go here:…

For a Full Body Sled Workout Visit:…

The Sled Exercises:

1. Sled Push
2. Low Sled Push
3.Bunny Hops
4. Sled Fighting
5.Sled Drag
6. Reverse Drag
7. Sled Drag and Row
8. Lateral Sled Drag
9. Crawl with Sled Drag
10. Sled Series
11.Double Kettlebell Sled Push
12. Single Kettlebell Sled Push
13. Kettlebell Sled Drag
14. Box Sled Push
15. heavy Bag Sled Drag
16. Slider Partner Sled

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